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alice, Married
I was not really looking or expecting to meet THE ONE, especially not online! It was kind of all in fun! Aaron and I started chatting, then texting and went on our first date. We clicked instantly. By our second date, we decided to "Lock-it-up" and become exclusive. We are the best of friends and love each other so much! We got engaged on Easter and will be married in March! Unbelievable! SpeedDate is Awesome! Truly a God send!
BJ, Dating
I met my boyfriend on SpeedDate and almost a year later we are still together! Thanks so much!
Christina Alvarez, Dating
My name is Christina and I freakin' love this website! I got together with my boyfriend on August 21 and I love him so much! I never thought that I would ever find a guy like him. He's the best ever!
Debbie, Dating
I truly met the one for me, and me for him! Chuck and I started talking and we clicked instantly. We will be meeting very soon and are sure that we will be starting our new life together. Thank you SpeedDate! I have tried so many other sites and all duds. I for sure met the man of my dreams on SpeedDate.
Jordan Cross, Dating
I met someone who has the same interests as me. we hit it off! He also believes like I do. I do not need anyone else.
gary, Dating
On May 3, I had the first date with the most wonderful lady on the planet. She only lived 27 miles from me, (thats a miracle), and we have fell in love, and are thinking of getting engaged, around thanksgiving. I want to thank Speed-Date! Keep up the wonderful work your doing, and I wish all the rest of you success in finding that special person, that fulfills your life.
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